• Assist Clients to re-evaluate their business and provide restructuring solutions to help Clients to recover their financial position in the shortest time and most effective way:
  • + Identify the necessary solutions
  • + Design and implement restructuring solutions
  • + Seek investors and equity capital sponsors
  • + Analyse and prepare negotiation scenarios
  • Clients benefit from tailor-made solutions from:
  • + In-depth knowledge of market and sector in all provinces and cities in Vietnam thanks to a network of nearly 200 branches nationwide.
  • + Access to Japanese, Korean, Singaporean, Thai investors, etc., thanks to BIDV's strategic partnership with international financial institutions.
  • + Professional team of financial advisors, prompt response to Clients' requirements and quick provision of innovative solutions on pricing, transaction structure and negotiation strategies.
  • Contact BIDV M & A Advisory Team at

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