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How many numbers are there on a credit card? What is their role?

The numbers on credit card are used in transactions as a separate account number for each credit card globally. Understanding how many numbers a credit card has, the sequencing rules and the role of these numbers will help you use your card easily and smoothly and ensure confidentiality and safety.

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What is Term Savings? 4 things to remembers for new savers

What is Term Savings? Should I deposit term savings and where to deposit? In the article below, BIDV will provide overview on term savings so that you can better understand this form of savings and how to distinguish it from demand savings, based on which to make a wise decision.

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Is it possible to withdraw online savings? Should I withdraw early?

When making online savings, depositor will receive the full principal and interest at maturity. However, there are some unexpected cases that cause you an early

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What is online banking? What are its advantages?

Online banking is a service that allows users to make transactions through Internet connection. Although it is very quick and convenient, this service still has some disadvantages. Let’s learn more about online banking in the article below.

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Cash management


3 Tips for Sustainable Finance

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