Anytime, anywhere

Performing transactions everytime, everywhere via Internet without going to the bank counters


Provide internal money transfer, local money transfer, interbank transfer

Safe and secure

Safe and secure with two-factor authentication system

  •   + Funds transfer within the territory of Vietnam.
  •   + Online term deposits.
  •   + Standing Instructions and Schedule transfers.
  •   + Bill payments for insurance (BIC), flights (Air Mekong, Jetstar), Recharge and Top-up (Vietpay and Vn Top-up), e-wallet (Vn Mart)…
  •   + Inquiries for all accounts.
  •   + Credit card inquiries and repayment online (*)
  •   + Sending requests to BIDV such as: application for a new loan, loan disbursement, loan prepayment, application for new a credit card, ATM card, …and selecting a preferred branch to proceed requests.
  • - Comprehensive service package:
  •       Customers can select one of those 2 following service packages:
  •   + Non-financial services:  provides with these functions: Inquiries for accounts, Cheque Book, Foreign exchanges rate, and Interest rate.
  •   +  Financial services:  provides with inquiries and other financial transactions like fund transfer, Bill payments, online term deposits or sending request to BIDV.
  • Customers must have current account in VND at BIDV.
  • Customers kindly contact with BIDV branches to apply for BIDV Online.
  • - Application form for BIDV e-Banking
  • - Valid ID/Passport.

Easy and quick registration

Register online
Fill in the registration form
Confirm information
BIDV will contact you for information verification and account opening.
A notification of the successful service registration from BIDV will automatically be sent to customers

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