This promotion applies from 10 November 2022 to shop owners and small businesses to optimize cash flow when entering the "busiest" time of the year.

Accordingly, small business having a deposit balance of VND 250 million or more in their current accounts will enjoy a demand interest rate of 1%/year. Especially, if you maintain for 3 months or more, you will become a priority customer of BIDV Premier and enjoy many other outstanding privileges such as family doctor privileges, elite lifestyle privileges.

For small business customers with average deposit balance from 10 million to less than 250 million, the interest rate will be 0.5%/year.

The last months of the year are always the time when shopping activities take place most actively from the big sale programs, Black Friday or Tet shopping habits of Vietnamese people. BIDV expects the preferential interest rate program to help shop owners feel secure in doing business in the busy last months of the year.

Not only enjoy the preferential interest rate without term depending on the monthly deposit balance, small business customers using current accounts at BIDV also enjoy a series of other attractive incentives such as: No maintenance required minimum balance, free all transfer transactions on BIDV SmartBanking, free to name the account as a phone number, the same price as 99,000 VND when setting the account name as nickname, shop name on golden days like 11/11, 12/12, 24/12, 25/12.

In addition, the BIDV SmartBanking application also allows customers to experience a convenient digital life when integrating many other features such as bill payment, movie ticket booking, train ticket booking, online tax payment, and insurance purchase. …. The more you trade, the more points you can accumulate when participating in the extremely attractive Membership Rewards program.

For more information, please contact Customer Care Hotline 1900 9247 or visit BIDV's transaction points nationwide.

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