From 21 December 2020 to 31 December 2020, when paying bills with BIDV Mastercard, customers will receive 10% up to VND 100,000 off the bill value.

The program applies to customers using Mastercard to pay utility bills (*) via either of the two Payoo online payment channels: Website or Payoo app on mobile phone.

To make payment by Mastercard, at the selection of payment methods, please select "International card" and enter your card information for payment.

(*) Note:

• Each phone number corresponding to a customer account on 2 channels (website and Payoo app) will be get maximum of 10 offers during the program period.

• Each customer code will get up to 2 offers during the promotion period.

• The program does NOT apply to the following types of bills: Electricity bills, installment /consumer loans, credit cards and some insurance bills (Sun Life, Cathay Life, Chubb Life,Generali, Hanwha Life,

Eligible cards:

+ International Credit card: BIDV Mastercard Platinum; BIDV Vietravel Mastercard Platinum; BIDV Vietravel Mastercard Standard

+ International Debit card: BIDV Mastercard Platinum; BIDV Mastercard Premier;BIDV Mastercard Ready; BIDV Mastercard Vietravel; BIDV Mastercard Young plus

- Other international cards: BIDV Visa Precious, BIDV Visa Smile, BIDV Visa Flexi, BIDV MasterCard Vietravel Standard Credit, Ready, BIDV Young Plus, Mastercard Premier debit, Mastercard Vietravel  Standard debit.

Mastercard is a global payments and technology company that connects billions of consumers, thousands of financial institutions and millions of merchants. With advanced technology, at the forefront of contactless payments, coordinating with Mastercard to implement incentive programs for customers, Payoo has contributed to well implementing the Government's cashless payment policy.

For any questions, please contact Payoo hotline: 1900 54 54 78.

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