Automatic investment deposit
Automatic investment deposit is a form of investment whereby customer authorizes BIDV to automatically deduct the end-of-day balance of their...
Demand deposits
Using current account (Demand deposit) at BIDV to help businesses simplify fund management and make payment safely and optimally.
Escrow account
Escrow account is the corporate demand deposit or time deposit hold by BIDV to ensure the fulfillment of such organization’s financial...
Long term valuable papers
BIDV’s long-term valuable papers, such as bond, long-term deposit certificate and other long-term valuable papers with term of 12 months or...
Securities trading deposits
Securities trading deposit helps securities trading companies settle of securities trading orders quickly, accurately and safely.
Short term valuable papers
BIDV short-term valuable papers, such as promissory note, short-term deposit certificate and other short term valuable papers with term of less...
Specialized capital deposits
Specialized Capital Deposit is a current account exclusively used for a specific purpose of the business
Time deposits
BIDV’s time deposit helps enterprises manage idle money safely and profitably in diversified terms from 1 week to 72 months, together with...
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